School of Languages of Europe
in Hamburg

About me

My school was developed 30 years ago as the product of my personal career. Up until age 15, I, Rafaela Liedtke, lived with my German parents in East Prussia (part of Poland after 1945), where I attended the Polish school.

In 1971, I relocated to Germany with my family, where I was face-to-face with German society in every respect. The German from my family had to be developed quickly. English and Latin had to be caught up on in a few years.

The workload during the school years up until graduation was heavy, but nevertheless very productive and motivating.

I took language studies in English, French, Spanish and Italian and studied political science, language and literature at the University of Bonn. During my studies, I spent two semesters at the University of Sorbonne in Paris, and then life led me to the University of Hamburg.

During my studies, I recognized my passion and love for working with languages and many people from all over the world.

The path from group and individual lessons to various private language schools quickly led to my own language school "Schule für Sprachen Europas", founded in November 1989, where I've since taught students from all over the world in six languages.

My studies and my life in the three different social cultures of Poland, France and Germany have shaped my personality and have greatly facilitated my work with students from different countries in the world since the founding of my school.

The many languages are the key to my success and the success of my students, who quickly learn to deal with foreign languages and cultures with ease and enthusiasm. This gives you a lot of success and satisfaction in your job and in your personal life.