School of Languages of Europe
in Hamburg


Individualized language lessons

In the languages: German English French Italian Spanish Polish

Each language course starts with the learner's existing language skills and is then developed according to the requirements and personal desires and needs.

Each language course focuses on deepening the grammar and expanding the vocabulary of the selected foreign language.

The desired goal is to increase oral and written expression in order to successfully communicate with all people easily.

Each language course is taught exclusively in the new language to be learned.

However, the lessons can also be briefly explained in the beginner's courses in the respective native language of the learner so that language acquisition takes place faster and more intensively.

The working texts of the lessons can be chosen according to the needs and interests of the learner, which enables the grammar and phraseology of the foreign language to be learned in detail and deepened.

Having very good diction in a foreign language opens up many new personal and professional perspectives and channels.