The School

Language education of children and adults

In the languages: German English French Italian Spanish Polish

Education of children and adults of all ages and all professions in all subject areas, such as:

  • everyday life
  • tourism & travel
  • business
  • law
  • medicine 
  • and language training for all professions

Language training for all levels:

a) Beginner

b) Intermediate B1/2

c) Advanced level C1

Translator/interpreter training

  • in private lessons
  • Preparation course for the verified business translator with Chamber of Commerce certification

Teaching children and adults in foreign languages on all levels:

  • course for beginners
  • intermediate course
  • advanced course

Teaching in all specialist fields such as, for example, everyday life, business, trade, law and education or politics.

Teaching with all occupational groups according to the demands and wishes of the individual learner.

Nauka języka niemieckiego z pomocą języka polskiego ułatwiA naukę niemieckiego.